Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and India

  • György Csáki


In 1989 I was invited by Mihály Simai to join the Research Institute of World Economy. I acquainted him in the year 1975-76, when I attended his World Economics lectures on comprehensive problems of the word economy, and particularities of the multilatral world order. In the past 45 years Professor Simai persistently and consistently analysed the matter of multilateralism, highlighting its problems, incompleteness and limits. However Mihály Simai has kept strong convinction that multilateral solutions are beneficial for all parties involved. I followed, cited and taught with particular devotion what Professor Simai had been writing about the necessity of global governance. I admired his ability to identify – always among the firsts – the most important and defining new phenomenons in the world economy. I wonder he evaluates megaregional free trade negotiations and agreements as failure of multilateralism or its new kinds instead. Either way, I strongly hope that he shares my view about the importance of this question in the ’World economy of our times’.

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