Higher Education Educator Roles in Developing Entrepreneurship

  • Károly Vizdák PhD student, University of Debrecen
  • Judit Katonáné Kovács Associate Professor, University of Debrecen
Keywords: higher education, educator, roles, entrepreneurship, A00, A23, L26


In universities, there has been a strong tradition of knowledge development in recent decades, where the emphasis in education has been on knowledge transfer rather than skill development. In the labour market, by contrast, the focus is increasingly on skills enhancement. Where is the balance, taking in mind that the educator is part of the educational environment and different stakeholders of the system expect different roles from them? What is an excellent teacher like, in our modern world, who is ready to face these challenges, invests energy, shows interest in students and excels in shaping the learning environment around them in a positive way? What are the approaches that are most needed in entrepreneurship education? Our paper seeks to continue the dialogue around these burning questions and comes to the conclusion that educators are important stakeholders in entrepreneurship education. Clarification and development of their roles, their job-fitness, needs more attention and further research.

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Vizdák, K., & Kovács, J. (2023). Higher Education Educator Roles in Developing Entrepreneurship. Köz-Gazdaság - Review of Economic Theory and Policy, 18(3), 115-134. https://doi.org/10.14267/RETP2023.03.07
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