Human Wealth - Employment Policy - Competitiveness

Review of the Book Versenyképességi mozaik/Mosaic of Competitiveness (Edited by Magdolna Csath)

  • Ádám Vertetics OFA Nonprofit Ltd.


The Mosaic of Competitiveness is the work of several experienced authors coordinated by a respected editor with a clear vision. A mosaic is something that is made up of several elements, and the picture is complete when viewed from a slightly more distant perspective. This is a definition that this volume clearly meets. It takes a thorough look at the subject of competitiveness, giving scope to different perspectives within each study, but still presenting the different aspects within a coherent value framework. As the editor notes in the introduction, "As you can see from the topics, the book takes a thorough look at competitiveness, returning to the key messages - such as the importance of people, knowledge, innovation and learning. A conscious choice of values is also reflected in the book: an appreciation of performance, an emphasis on quality over quantity in all areas, and the importance of reliability, honesty and trust." (p.15)

Hence, it is important to note that the conceptual framework of the book expands the general framework used in Hungarian higher education and highlights the need for economists to interpret concepts broadly and to move beyond the neoliberal worldview in order to contribute to the conceptual framework needed to address current global economic challenges. In this regard, the editor concludes her introductory thoughts with a quote from US President Theodore Roosevelt: "If education gives a man only knowledge, but not values, it is a danger to society." (p.15)

After the general introduction, let us now move on to the 13 studies presented in the volume.

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