New Challenges in the Education of Managerial Economics

  • Attila Balogh Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Dániel Martin Baranyi PhD candidate, Eszterházy Károly Catholic University
  • László Trautmann PhD, Economist
Keywords: Danube Cup, global framework, managerial economics, constructivist pedagogy, JEL Codes: A00


In this article, the authors summarise their panel presentation on the role of education in managerial economics, given at the Danube Cup in April, 2022. The main finding of the article and the presentation is that today's and tomorrow's economists need to think in a so-called global framework. A common commodity and energy policy is becoming an increasingly urgent issue that will significantly change the development path of international institutions and technologies. Therefore, the teaching of economics will also have to adapt to this new trend. Apart from the obvious point - teaching a professional ethos and the importance of international trade - the authors see a constructivist approach as the most viable way forward in pedagogy. According to this approach, secondary and university students should be given the experience of discovery in order to stimulate their interest in economic topics and contexts.

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Balogh, A., Baranyi, D., & Trautmann, L. (2022). New Challenges in the Education of Managerial Economics. Köz-Gazdaság - Review of Economic Theory and Policy, 17(3), 19-38.