The Palgrave Handbook of Comparative Economics

2021. February 23.

  • Fanni Barkóczi


A whole brand-new concept was made in Comparative Economics this year and luckily we had the
opportunity to get to know the unique point of views in a newly published book The Palgrave Handbook
of Comparative Economics by Elodie Douarin. Corvinus University of Budapest had a chance to discuss
this exciting new approach with the most prestigious professors in Comparative Economics. Elodie
Douarin from the College of London, Gerard Roland from Berkeley and Bruno Dallago from Trento
helped us to understand the new theory. In the Corvinus side, Zoltán Ádám, András Székely-Doby and
Judit Kálmán professors participated in the discussion. The moderator was Miklós Rosta, Head of
Comparative and Institutional Economics Department.
● Elodie Douarin, University College London: The Palgrave Handbook of Comparative Economics
● Gerard Roland, Berkeley: Comparative Economic History
● Bruno Dallago, University of Trento: The New Comparative Economics
● Ádám Zoltán, Head of Economic Policy Department, Corvinus University of Budapest
● Székely-Doby András, Corvinus University of Budapest
● Kálmán Judit, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
● Rosta Miklós, Corvinus University of Budapest

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