Chinese basic education and experience from three regions

(Shanghai, Guangdong, Sichuan)

  • Li Huiyun
  • Wang Yanglitao
  • Wu Xintian


Basic education is the foundation for people to gain more knowledge in the process of growing up and living. High buildings rise from the ground. What does basic education exert to cultivate the people is the foundation for building a house. Therefore, basic education is such an impor-tant and basic project to improve the quality of people. Since China’s reform and opening and the re-introduction of the college entrance examination in the late 1970s, basic education has con-tinuously improved and developed with more and more attention. China started to participate in the Program for International Students Assessment PISA5 in 2009. Up to now, China has par-ticipated in four sessions of PISA with relatively good grades6. The results of the PISA can help to examine the education quality, fairness and development efficiency, establish and improve an education monitoring indicator system, and promote education reforms for both China and the other countries in the world. The progress of China’s basic education and education with Chinese characteristics has contributed to China’s all-round development, which also provided references for other countries. In the meantime, PISA’s analysis of China and other countries also reflect the parts of China’s basic education that need to be promoted and emphasized.

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