Quality Control System

All Köz-gazdaság papers are reviewed using a 'double-blind' process in which reviewers are not informed who are the authors of the paper, as well as the authors not knowing who are the reviewers.

Submitted papers are first considered by the Köz-gazdaság Editor to whom they were submitted. Papers that do not fall within the scope of Köz-gazdaság are 'desk-rejected'. (Those that are borderline may be sent to an Köz-gazdaság Advisory Editor who is a specialist on that topic for advice.) In addition, papers that fail to meet a minimum threshold for quality and originality will be rejected without being sent out to reviewers.

Papers passing through this initial editorial scrutiny are then typically sent out to two referees. Normally, at least two authoritative reviews are needed before the handling Editor can make a decision as to whether to accept, reject, or ask for a 'revise and resubmit' of the submitted paper.